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April 02 2018


NBA Live Mobile – Attraction of Celebrity Players

Why do you play NBA Live Mobile game? Because of “celebrity players”. This is the answer given by more than 80% of the people when they asked the same question.

So, what is the logic behind this answer? Lets find out by knowing your favorite celebrity players from this game below.

Some of the best players in NBA live

Kevin Durant:-

Kevin is an American professional basketball player. He has won NBA most valuable award 2014 and NBA champion 2017. He has 88% speed, 89% dribbling, 92% 3-pointer, 94% shooting, 83% defence and 88% passing. He is most reputed players. Kevin is  big man type of player in the match 

Brian Scalabrine:-

Brian is a top scorer and leader in fields of goals and rebounds. He has 78% speed, 80% dribbling, 88% 3-pointer, 85% shooting, 84% defence, 85% passing.

Jeremy Lin:-

Jeremy is trendsetter basketball; Jeremy generated a global craze known as ‘Linsanity’. He is a small ball player in basketball. He has 87% speed, 93% dribbling, 87% 3-pointer skill, 83% shooting, 74% defence and 86% passing.

Kristaps porzingis:-

Kristaps is an amazing player in NBA; he is awarded NBA all-stars in 2018. His fans named him ‘the unicorn’. Portzingis also have very good criterion and this as; Kris speed is 78%, 77% dribbling, 75% 3-pointer, 88% shooting, 87% defense, 81% passing  these are the skills of kristaps

Yao Ming:-

Yao Ming is a professional basketball player; he is a tallest active player in NBA.yao is a defensive player. Yao has 65% speed, 50% dribbling, 42% 3-pointer skill, 85% shooting skill, 90% defense and 57% passing these are the skills of the Yao Ming

Tracy McGrady (T-Mac):-

Tracy McGrady is a good player for beginners. T-Mac is a defensive player. He can show very aggressiveness in his game. T-Mac has very good playing criteria and this as speed 85, dribbling 90%, 3-pointer skill is 87%, shooting 93%, defense 73%, and passing

To see better result from our team; you need to keep updated them and train your teammates with new moves.

After you read this article, we know that you will use these info in your game.

And we hope that this article is helpful for you, so please comment and share this article with your friends.

And stay tuned for NBA live mobile game.

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